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    The Dragon At Kandalore

    Finding a camp that’s the right fit has many of the same challenges as finding the school that fits. Dragons are thinkers, they want to understand why they’re being asked to do something. They’re smart, they can handle it. They’re creative, they want room for that creativity in everything they do. They’re individualists, they want […]



    Dragon’s brilliant teachers foster creativity, freedom of thought and expression, collaboration and commitment to social justice, in classes of 4 to 15 students. Talk about inclusive discussion and individualized learning. (Read more)


    Out and About

    Toronto is a cultural treasure trove. Dragons leave the classroom for experiences from TIFF to the U of T Planetarium. (Read more)


    Science in Action

    Dragons understand scientific inquiry and active citizenship. Dragon collaborates with OISE and York U faculty on student-driven, research-based actions addressing science and technology. (Read more)


    Student Model UN

    Dragons shine at SSUNS, engaging with political, economic and environmental issues of critical global importance. (Read more)


    Team Building

    Dragons head for Camp each fall and engage in social action to challenge and support each other. (Read more)

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Learn to think critically and creatively

Cultivate a passion for excellence

Master key subjects and skills

Cultivate self-knowledge and confidence

Celebrate our cultural differences &
our common humanity

Gain a sense of personal and
community responsibility

Develop a life-long enthusiasm
for learning


Dr Meg Fox

Graduation Speech

Our year end celebration was a fantastic success, with many inspirational moments. For the last blog of the 2014-2015 year we wanted to include the speech Dr. Fox gave at the graduation ceremony. Congratulations to all our students for a successful year. Most graduation speeches take their tone from the venerable Dr. Seuss. You know, […]


Sex Education

By Dr. Meg Fox There’s been a bit of a ruckus lately over the introduction of the new Ontario Sex Education Curriculum. I run a small, quirky, independent high school for gifted non-conformists, so people ask me what I think about it. That it’s about time, I say. Grade One, body parts. Grade Two, stand […]