The special character of The Dragon Academy results from a rare combination of qualities:

A Distinct Approach to Education

Our method – unregimented but rigourous – is Socratic, raising crucial questions, encouraging engagement and discussion, rewarding critical analysis, rather than memorization. Our students pursue in-depth studies across the subject fields—literature and languages, mathematics, sciences, philosophy, the arts, the social sciences—and meaningful connection is achieved through complex curricular integration. We respect their intelligence and initiative, and they learn to respect their own potential, to assume responsibility, and to work independently and collaboratively.

Taking Advantage of an World-Class City

Toronto is a vibrant city, a united nations of diverse cultures. Its academic resources are abundant: three of Canada’s finest universities, its premiere art college, an eminent conservatory of music. We have two great libraries, a global author’s festival, a cineaste’s heaven in the new TIFF Bell Lightbox, theatres where performances range from the great traditions to edgy experiment. Our museums house important collections in widely divergent fields. This city provides our faculty and students with a wealth of opportunities, and we exploit them.

A Diverse Student Body

Our students come from all over the city and surrounding areas. They come from a broad spectrum of religious faiths, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Commitment to social justice is a core Dragon principle. Our staff and students respect difference and individuality. We share a commitment to a freer and a better world.

A Community of Individuals

Dragon students often talk of the school as a family. Our vibrant, close-knit community is welcoming, inclusive, and safe. Every student is known and cared for as an individual. Dragon teachers take their roles as mentors seriously, work to support each student’s success, encourage creativity and risk-taking, model lifelong learning. We seamlessly accommodate individual strengths and weaknesses, and our small classes facilitate highly individualized work. Our parent community is lively and actively involved in school life. Dragon alumni kept in close touch—we’re very proud of their accomplishments.