Dear Dragon Alumni,

My name is Benjamin Persofsky. Some of you may know me, as I am a Dragon alumnus from the class of 2012. I am also proud to announce that I will be the first president of the The Dragon Academy Alumni Association. 

The Dragon Academy alumni population is now approaching a critical mass; we are at the point where we can work together as a strong and successful network. We all have the same foundation and we should not only celebrate but leverage it as we continue to grow in our personal and professional lives. It is also important to understand the paths each of us have taken, and share our experiences with those who are deciding what paths they will take. 

The Dragon continues to, grow and change in our absence. Committees will be established to ensure that as the Dragon grows and changes, it does so in line with the vision Dr. Fox imagined. Alumni are needed for these committees so that the future Dragon Academy students will enjoy values and experiences that meant so much to us. 

Important initiatives for the future of The Dragon include:

  • Defining what The Dragon is
  • Finding a permanent home for The Dragon
  • Making an Alumni page or portal on the Dragon site 
  • Alumni representation on the Planning and Governance Boards

If you would like to be involved in this initiative, please reply to this email,

We will be sure to contact you!