We have a tradition of combining traditional parent-teacher nights with open houses for prospective parents, in a uniquely experiential, Dragon way.  We host a roundtable discussion on educational themes of central importance to the Dragon’s educational vision, then an opportunity to meet and mingle with current Dragon parents and to talk to your child’s teachers, while I host a tour for prospective parents.  We look forward to seeing you all.



Upcoming Open Houses : 2017.2018

December 7, 2016: Open House/Home School Night The Art of Education

We often push the arts to the periphery of education, when they belong at its core.  Dragon’s academic offerings are strong across ALL the subject fields. We believe that even a child who is not “artistic” will gain essential skills of process and structure, acquire the aspiration to learn, and a framework for experience from the complex and subtle demands of the arts. Join Dragon faculty, parents and students for a roundtable on re-integrating the arts into a challenging curriculum, constructing a complete education using all the tools of our culture.

In addition to the necessary academic disciplines, I see that attention has also been paid to her psychological and social development and that her artistic creativity has been encouraged.  It is quite clear that she will face college as a competent and confident young woman with highly developed academic and social skills.
– Dragon grandparent, himself a Professor of Education.

May 17th, 2017 : Open House Science in Action.