Why Support the Dragon?

The Dragon Academy is unique in its dedication to discovering effective progressive methods in curriculum design, discussion and museum based learning, teacher development and administrative capability. We offer a safe and nurturing environment for gifted non-conformists. We are a model and training ground for others who share our philosophy.

In contrast to the test-oriented instruction from the front of the classroom, Dragon’s progressive teaching and learning foster freedom of expression, creativity, collaboration and a commitment to social justice.

Since its opening in 2001, donations to Friends of Progressive Education have helped Dragon Academy create and sustain an educational environment that changes the lives of our students, and prepares them to make meaningful contributions to our society.

Friends of Progressive Education is an arm’s length charity recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency (Charity Registration Number 85662-0273-RR0001). Its mission is supporting the exploration of new methods of education, raising standards and influencing a positive and enriching dialogue with university faculties of education, other schools both public and private, and practicing teachers.

FPE provides support in three key areas of education

Students: financial aid ensuring accessibility and diversity

Teachers: recruiting and retaining gifted faculty, professional development, research

Schools: capacity, resources, collaboration, training, public outreach

Support students at Dragon and beyond.
Investing in our children is investing in our future. Support to Friends of Progressive Education ensures Dragon’s exemplary place as a model for innovation, instilling a love of learning through dialogue and debate, experience, and discovery.

Support an Extraordinary Education

Dragon’s exceptional faculty, discussion based classrooms, use of the city as school, and innovative programs like Scientists in Action and Arts 21 make Dragon a laboratory for what works and inspires. Your gift keeps Dragon on the cutting edge of education.


Canada Revenue Agency Charity Registration Number: 85662-0273-RR0001