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The Dragon Academy est. 2000

Welcome From Our Head of School

It is exciting to greet you here as The Dragon Academy’s second Head of School, succeeding its wonderful founder Dr. Meg Fox this year after her eighteen-year tenure. The legacy she leaves behind is that of an extraordinary teaching and learning laboratory where exceptional students thrive and grow. I inherit this jewel with every intention of keeping it sparkling and bright in the city of Toronto, growing its legacy, its curriculum and expanding its student body just as the city around us grows ever outward and upward.


Reflective of the dynamic contemporary moment in which we find ourselves, The Dragon has added a host of new programs that will give students a greater awareness of their capabilities, and insight into the complexities of the world around them. Three Advanced Certificates – in the Philosophy of Science, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and the History of Ideas – join our already sturdy curricular offerings. These certificates bring the intellectual challenges most often found in colleges and universities into the high school classroom, challenging Dragon students to think critically and ethically about the world they will inherit. I am eager to see the next set of Dragon graduates earn these certificates beside their OSSD’s next June.

Leveraging the already fertile realm of teacher, student and alumni entrepreneurial activity, The Dragon will begin operations as an incubator of young companies, teaching them the basics of business operations while encouraging them to think entrepreneurially and innovatively. Under the banner of Ventures@DragonAcademy or V@DA, a self-selected group of students will be encouraged to design a strategy for building an actual for-profit company, with Dragon instructor David Tollefson acting as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Dr. Sealey (me!) acting as CEO. With the involvement of parents and alumni who are already building or running technology companies, and what I hope will be the eventual involvement of business school students and professors to help us refine our planning and marketing, The Dragon is poised to become a critical node within the growing network of start-up driven learning organizations in the global marketplace of ideas. More about this exciting initiative as the year progresses.

Knowing the centrality of STEM fields - science, technology, engineering and math – to the world of commerce, I am pleased to see that our Scientists-In-Action program continues to attract multiple students to its experiential format, placing them beside working scientists in labs across the city to learn science by doing science. Indeed, involving our students in the life of the city, using Toronto as an extended classroom, has always been a part of a progressive Dragon education, expanding our educational directions outwards into the hospitals, conference rooms, museums and parks that animate this wonderful city.

The Dragon Academy is on the cusp of its second twenty years of existence, and I am pleased to lead the charge deeper into this complicated century. It is within The Dragon Academy that I hope our students learn what it means to be their best selves, to live lives of kindness and fortitude, to recognize the benefits of giving over taking, of sharing and loving in a world deeply in need of less selfishness and more love. With all the powers at my disposal, I intend to ensure that Dragon students are ready for the next phase of their lives and enter that phase confident in their ability to succeed.


In Sincerity,

Kelvin S. Sealey, Ed.D


"The student body was really an amazing part of my experience at Dragon. Not only were the people in my class amazing but through all of the grades students are great and are all willing to be part of a larger community."

Sebastian Swarney

Dragon Alumni

"At The Dragon, I became more productive and attentive to my own learning. Remarkably, I had stopped thinking about grades altogether, even though I was working considerably harder. I soon made the shift from being product-oriented to being process-oriented and intrinsically motivated. I was encouraged to be creative, to take risks, and to use an assignment as an opportunity for introspection..."

Aaron Henry

Dragon Alumni

"This is the perfect school for parents who want their kids to develop lifelong friendships, resilience, intellectual curiosity, and engaged citizenship."

Kate Hilton 

Dragon Parent

"When entering the school I had low self esteem, a poor work ethic, and I felt like I would never amount to anything. The kind staff at the Dragon took time to work with me. They helped me focus on my strengths so that I could combat my weaknesses. Their goal was for me to succeed, and they did everything in their power to make me successful in all areas of my life."

Benjamin Persofsky

Dragon Alumni

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