"Their goal was for me to succeed, and they did everything in their power to make me successful in all areas of my life."

Kelvin Sealey

Head of School 

Dr. Kelvin Sealey, most recently Chair of the Faculty of the Humanities at Miami Country Day School, became the second Head of School of The Dragon Academy, Toronto, Ontario on 1 July 2019. Dr. Sealey has been an independent school educator, adjunct instructor in undergraduate and graduate education programs, and educational consultant for over twenty-seven years. A committed inter-disciplinarian, he earned his Bachelors in Economics from the University of Toronto, and Masters in Comparative and International Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. Under the academic banner of Cultural Studies in Education, and reflective of his doctorate in Interdisciplinary Studies in Education, also from Columbia University, Dr. Sealey’s research and lectures have embraced the sub-fields of Architecture and Education, Entrepreneurship in Education, and Film and Education. While at Columbia University, he was the co-founder of two academic research labs: The Film and Education Research Academy, and the Design Lab for Learning Organizations at Columbia’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. Across his professional career, Dr. Sealey has blended academic practice with entrepreneurial pursuits, leading small technology ventures in wireless gaming and wireless finance in the payment card industry as social ventures. His edited texts Film, Politics and Education (Peter Lang 2008), Restoring Hope (Beacon Press 1997) and A Reader in Social Enterprise (Pearson 2000) remain strong contributors in their respective fields of study.  

Stephanie Bushnik

Assistant Head of School, Mathematics

Stephanie Bushnik began as a tutor at the Dragon in 2007, while she was completing an Honours B.Sc. at the University of Toronto. In her undergraduate program she specialized in biology and majored in physics. Here, she became particularly interested in early science education and fostering critical thinking skills in her students. During her tutoring years at the school she was so impressed by the staff and students. The sense of community, engaging class discussions and the amazing field trips inspired her to get more involved. She accepted a position as a Dragon math and science classroom teacher in 2009. Almost ten years later, in 2017, Ms Bushnik joined our administrative team.  She strives to help her students find the same sense of awe and appreciation for the subjects that made her fall in love with math and science. 

Vanessa Alsop

Guidance Counsellor 

Vanessa Alsop has a Masters in Environmental Studies (York University), Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Surrey University, UK) and Bachelor of Science (Joint Hons) (University of London, UK). She began her work in conservation as a forester in Ecuador in 1987, working on the Rio Mazan Project - an Anglo-Ecuadorian project for forests and the people of the Andes. She has subsequently worked in marketing and communications (agency side) and also spent time as a biology teacher teaching in inner city schools in London, UK. In Canada she has worked in marketing (Faculty of Education, York University), provided professional development for teachers on sustainability, has been a junior fellow for IRIS (Institute for Research and Innovation in Sustainability at York University) since 2006 and works as a Course Director at both OISE and YorkU Faculty of Education. Vanessa taught science and ran the school sustainability program at the Dragon Academy for six years and is now the school's Guidance Counsellor.

Shawna Dwyer

Visual Arts, History, English

Shawna earned her B.F.A. from OCAD University and her B.E at York University. Her journey of art began at the young age of four when her grandma taught her how to paper-mache Christmas ornaments. Since then, Shawna has used art as a method of self-expression and a tool to communicate her ideas about the world. This past year she taught both Visual Arts and Nutrition at an International High School where she focused on creating an inclusive work environment that promoted emotional and mental well-being. Shawna hopes that her future students will learn something new about themselves while in her classroom. When Shawna’s not teaching, she can usually be found cuddling her two rats Holly and Molly or relieving some stress by baking vegan sweets. 

Eduardo Fabbro

History, English, Latin

Dr. Eduardo Fabbro is a historian, palaeographer, and Latinist. He received his B.A and his B. Ed., as well as a M.A., from the University of Brasilia, in Brazil (where he was born), and his PhD in Medieval Studies from the University of Toronto. He specializes in medieval societies and warfare, on which he published broadly in journals and presented in academic conferences. The Middle Ages are also the subject of his first book. Eduardo has been teaching for almost twenty years, and, apart from high school, he has taught at the University of Toronto, McGill, and Waterloo. His teaching is based on a firm belief that humanities matter for the education of future citizens. This conviction brought him to the Dragon Academy, which he joined in 2015, and that still motivates him in every class.  A long-time retired professional fencer, Eduardo still enjoys the occasional recreational swash-buckling. 

Andrew Mariani

Middle School

Andrew completed his bachelor's degree in Sport and Exercise Science at Loughborough University before completing a masters degree in the same subject the following year. His thesis focused on the exercise habits of elementary children. Andrew's passion for mathematics, combined with his previous experience of working with children, led him to pursue a Postgraduate Certificate of Education (Primary with Maths specialism) at Roehampton University. He has previously taught for two years at a prep day school in London before briefly leaving teaching to pursue his dream of becoming an Olympic middle distance runner. Now in Canada and recently married, Andrew is ready to resume his teaching career and hopefully a happy life here too!

Rachel Presutto

Mathematics, Sciences

Rachel completed her bachelor’s degree at University of Toronto in mathematics, psychology, and art history, which is where she really developed a love of mathematics. After deciding that she wanted to spend her time showing others the secrets of math and science, she completed a Master of Arts in child study and education at OISE. It was during this time that she first got immersed in the Dragon community, which proved to be an excellent place for both students and teachers alike to share their knowledge and make connections in a unique way. When she’s not discussing the virtues of topology with friends, Rachel also enjoys live music, Muay Thai, and cooking delicious food.

Jaclyn Piudik

Latin, French, English, Writer’s Craft

Dr. Jaclyn Piudik is a poet, educator and Francophile. She received her M.A. in Creative Writing and English Literature from the City College of New York, and an M. A. and  doctorate in Medieval Studies from the Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto.  Her dissertation investigated questions of hybridity in the Fourteenth-Century Hebrew and Provencal Esther Poems of Israel Caslari. Her special scholarly interests are in language, literature, translation and the written word. The author of two poetry chapbooks, and a forthcoming collection, she has also been published in numerous anthologies and literary journals.   She has edited three collections of poetry for award winning publisher Book Thug, and is the recipient of a New York Times Fellowship for Creative Writing, and the Alice M. Sellers Award from the Academy of American Poets.  A native New Yorker, she has a background as an herbalist and photographer, and is deeply sympathetic to the plight of felines everywhere.

Miguel Santos

Computer Sciences

Dr. Santos has ample experience teaching at many different levels. Before joining the Dragon community he taught for 10 years as an associate university professor in Spain, as well as a lecturer for 11 years at the Spanish Open University, and one year at a high school. At the same time he has conducted research in Physics, Chemical Engineering and Biophysics and Bioinformatics, the latter as a postdoctoral fellow at the Université Libre du Bruxellles and as research associate at the Hospital for Sick Children for over 7 years. He holds a Masters in Theoretical Physics and a Ph.D. in Statistical Physics by the University of Barcelona. He is no stranger to Computer Science having co-founded two startups in the areas of security and information management and he completed a course on Cryptography by the University of Stanford. His major satisfaction derives from instilling in his students the motivation to always continue learning, both about the subject´s contents as well as about themselves.

David Tollefson


David is honoured to be teaching for first time at the Dragon Academy. He began teaching as a tutor when he was a high school student himself, before attending the University of Waterloo where he earned a B.Sc. in Computational Physics. In addition to being a teacher, he is the founder of Braincubator, a technical education company intent on making problem solving using technology accessible. David spends his summers working as an instructor as a part of the University of Toronto’s DaVinci Engineering Enrichment Program. During the rare moments when he isn’t working, he typically finds himself cooking, wood working, or reading.

Shawna Vassallo

History, English, Geography, Civics and Careers

Shawna Vassallo happily joins Dragon Academy as an English and Social Science teacher this year. A recent Toronto transplant, Shawna has lived most of her life in the Maritimes. After receiving her BA in English and Philosophy from Acadia University and her Bachelor of Education  degree from the University of New Brunswick, she worked as an English and Social Sciences teacher in New Brunswick for several years, in a Canadian International IB school in Anhui, China for two years, and studied yoga and meditation at a classical yoga Ashram for one year. Passionate about education, yoga, and mindfulness, she loves reading, modern and contemporary theatre, travelling, hiking, and studying the evolution of culture and social change. She is also a writer, finishing a collection of short stories. As a teacher, Shawna aims continually to inspire students to be critical and creative thinkers, aware and engaged citizens, and lovers of the written word.

Isidora Vidojevic

Middle School

Isidora has earned her HBA at the University of Toronto with a double major in English Literature and Diaspora and Transnational Studies. Her passion for education led her to complete her Masters of Teaching at OISE, University of Toronto with a focus on global citizenship. She has taught at United World College in Costa Rica, University of Toronto Schools, as well as abroad in England. Social and experiential learning is at the heart of her teaching philosophy. Some of her core interests include promoting mental health and wellbeing, mindfulness, psychology and literature. Her main teaching subjects, English and Social Science, allowed her to engage in deep conversations with the students about social justice issues, the human psyche, relationships, and life itself. She has a great appreciation for art, live music, theatre, reading, and spending time in nature and by the water. 

Meg Fox

Owner and Founder

Dr. Fox is a parent and educator of many years’ experience in the public, private and university systems, with a special interest in the gifted adolescent. She has lectured for learned societies, the University of Toronto, and York University, and has held the post of Head of English and of Vice-Principal at a Toronto private school. She received her doctorate in English Literature from the University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies in 1986, with a dissertation on Political and Social Models in the Works of Philip Sidney. Her special scholarly interests are in Renaissance literature, history and political science. She has also pursued academic work in pedagogy and philosophy as well as fine arts. She has lobbied for the legalisation of midwifery in Ontario, and taken part in numerous amateur and professional theatrical productions. She is a published poet, and the author of five novels. She also sings Gershwin, and accompanies herself on the piano. She has spent many of the happiest hours of her life in the world’s great museums.

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