Dragon Academy Welcomes the 6th Annual Instalment of Roundtable Residency!

The Dragon Academy is terrifically proud to welcome the artists and facilitators of the SIXTH annual Roundtable Artists' Residency. The initiative of Brandon Dalmer and Morris Fox, Roundtable has offered a group of talented and innovative emerging artists a home base for five weeks each summer, beginning in 2013. The Dragon's classrooms become shared studio spaces, the artists swap their practices and visions, guest curators, artists, speakers come for discussions, critiques, and workshops, there are studio, museum and gallery visits, and the residency ends with a SPECTACULAR GROUP SHOW, open to the public. You'll want to save the date: THURSDAY, August 16, from 7 to 11 p.m. at Dragon.

The residency began with the personal experiences of its creators. Having completed Art School, working at a variety of jobs from "barista" to administrative assistant, while maintaining their artistic practice and establishing their careers, was a challenge the size of Mount Everest. They needed to find a community of other young artists, make connections with gallerists and journalists, set up studio visits and share critiques. And studio spaces in this expensive city are scarce on the ground. Here was Dragon, 8,000 square feet and a lot of white walls, in the heart of Yorkville, used only very lightly for much of the summer. We offered our space and our support, and the artists have done the rest.

From the very beginning, there were many talented applicants from across the country, and beyond, with exciting work in every possible medium. The Roundtable Residency offered a place to work, a collaborative and encouraging community, a way to plug into the often daunting art world, a chance to be seen and celebrated. Work that began at Roundtable has drawn eager attention, and many of the artists have told us of the incredible difference it has made in their lives. This is the future of Canadian Art!

A note from Roundtable’s 2018 Programming Director, Richard Williams:

As it moves into its sixth year, Roundtable is once again bringing together a diverse and talented group of artists and other practitioners under one roof. We have expanded our selection this year to include several residents whose work falls outside of traditional artmaking, in hopes of creating some unique cross collaborations. We've also brought on board four amazing writers, who will be working closely alongside residents to create a Roundtable publication; which will come out later this year after the final exhibition. Two of these writers are former Roundtable residents themselves, and we're very excited to have several years worth of Roundtablers coming together into a single community.

The theme for the 2018 Residency is Entangled. Below is the text included in this year's call for residents, which nicely encapsulates our thoughts on the theme and our reason for selecting it:

Our entanglements, the things that we are tied to and intersect, are constantly redefining both our possibilities and our impact. What systems / concepts / histories / feelings / disciplines are entangled with our lives / practices / environment / politics / modes of thinking? What is the nature of these entanglements? Personal, systemic, nurturing, toxic? How are we redefined by and redefine those things that we are reciprocally tied to, whether by choice or by circumstance? How and with what are you/your work entangled?

Roundtable itself is an entanglement of artists, writers, curators, volunteers and countless others, coming together to form otherwise impossible collaborations. The site of these collaborations, Roundtable's home, is Dragon Academy; which has shared not only its space but also its own generous community of people. We are elated to once again be welcoming our residents to become a part of it, and I personally am thankful to be doing so for the first time as Roundtable's Director. Thank you, and I hope to see you all on THURSDAY, AUGUST 16 for the final exhibition, starting at 7 p.m.

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