School Six Days a Week

It’s morning and chatter pulls me from my drowsiness.

Earlier, I woke at dawn, read for a while and drifted back into slumber. But my boy’s voice nattering to himself in the living room pulls me from my bed. He’s packing his school bag, humming and talking to himself. Finally, fully awake, I power up the coffee machine as he thumbs his way through Instagram on his phone.

“Hey! You need to eat. And make your lunch,” I remind him.

“Yeah. Yeah. I know.” His head remains bowed over his screen. Something a friend has sent from across the country has caught his eye. He’s not really in the room.

“I mean it. Breakfast! You need to eat.”

“I got it.” But he stands statically, caught up in his own thoughts.

“I’ll take your phone,” I caution.

Finally, he looks up, walks over to the fridge and opens it to hang on the door. He gazes uncertainly at the shelves.

“There’s ham, cheese. Make sure you take a piece of fruit and a snack.”

“I will. I will. I know what I’m doing.” He scowls at me. I notice him glance at the kitchen clock. He yanks the strap of his lunch cooler off the hook behind him

After pouring his cereal, he shovels spoonfuls into his mouth, splattering milk droplets onto his chin and t-shirt. A few moments later, after he deposits his bowl in the sink, his body paces, retreats and emerges from the fridge, cradling cheese, carrots, cucumber and apples in his arms.

He’s known for “not-hurrying” in our family. And I’ve learned that the more I urge him — and one other family member — the more his motions become slowed and sticky.

A couple of weeks ago, I had to call him endlessly from his bed. He had had two alarms set up; both across the room. Eventually he would clamber to silence them, but threw himself back under his comforter. No matter how early we started, it seemed as though he was always late for the school bell.

Since transferring to the Dragon, he’s up every morning and chattering.

Driving between chores on the weekend, he opines from the back seat before hopping out: “You know, I like school so much these days; I kinda wish we had classes on Saturday.”

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